Move quickly, yet maintain tight spending controls and accurate, up-to-date records. SmartGive cards will only work where and when you choose. You define the purchasing requirements and ensure dollars are spent as intended.

Benefits of SmartGive

New Customers Incremental Sales & Traffic in Stores

Utilize Charitable Contribution Dollars to Drive Sales & Traffic in Stores

Reduce Transportation Costs

Reduce Distribution Costs

Allocate Funds More Accurately to Address Recipient Needs

Easy Nationwide Access for Recipients

Targeted Customer Segments

How it Works

Provide volunteers or other recipients with payment cards that only work where, when and how you choose. Track transactions in real-time keeping spending in check with no end-of-billing-cycle surprises.

Step 1


Step 2

Select Products & Dollar Amount

Step 3

Finalize Order & Process Payment

Step 4

Receive Cards & Purchase Products

Step 5

Receive Automated Reporting

Seamless Integration

Integrate SmartGive with your systems to give you a custom, automated payment platform, able to process millions of transactions a day while maintaining tight spending controls and accurate, up-to-date records.

SmartGift Product Categories

Groceries & Food

Water, Groceries, Food, Easy Ready Meals

Paper & Cleaning

Cleaners, Mops & Brooms, Wipes & Towels

Baby Supplies

Baby Formula, Diapers, Furniture

Pet Supplies

Dog & Cat Food, Pet Supplies

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