Product Overview


The SmartClixx Stored Value Card (SVC) application seamlessly integrates to your existing centralized payment authorization and communication infrastructure.  The SVC servers reside at your facility so that you can manage and control your own destiny.  All the data is yours to own, monitor, and control.


Whether you have store fronts, a web presence, or both, all of your transactions are processed real-time, all the time. Secure and safe transaction processing is performed with a 16- or 19-digit account number, 8-digit CVV, and optional 4-digit CVV2 algorithms. Utilizing magnetic stripe technology and/or barcode, fraud potential is minimized while your company is ensured maximum flexibility, growth, and other competitive advantages.


Because SmartClixx does not depend on any specific platform, the application can interface to virtually any front-end POS or web interface. It was designed to run over almost every existing communication infrastructure. This “seamless” approach allows the SmartClixx solution to be installed quickly and easily. 


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SmartClixx In-House SVC Application

  • Seamless Integration to Sales Audit/GL/CRM and POS

  • Client ‘OWNS’ all the Data


  • Stored Value Cards (Plastic/Virtual/Both)

  • Promotions & Events/Store Coupons

  • Customer Satisfaction Credits

  • Loyalty AND CRM Interface

  • Unlimited Future Application and Capabilities

  • Increased Security and Flexibility

  • Extensive Reporting and Queries (Approximately 50 Standard Reports and Real-Time Queries)



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