Gift Card Platform

The SmartClixx® Stored Value Card (SVC) application seamlessly integrates to your existing centralized payment authorization and communication infrastructure.

Platform Overview

SmartClixx® provides a powerful platform for clients wanting to lower their costs and improve internal operational efficiencies, while providing for unlimited future growth.

SmartClixx® SVC 5.0 Software Application

Core Functionality

Microsoft.Net V4 Framework Windows 2016 Servers running Microsoft SQL 2016

  • Powerful Gift Card Payment Processor
  • Complete Suite of Customer Service User Tools
  • Complete Suite of Gift Card Support Batch Processes
  • Multi-Client Capability
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual Capable
  • Advanced Security Controls
  • Highly Scalable for Transaction Throughput
  • Modern Web GUI

Smart Transaction Processing

  • Seamless Interface to POS, Host & IVR System
  • Complete Online & Offline Processing
  • Real-Time Query & Reporting
  • Complete System Management
  • Precise & Accurate Record Keeping

Core Functionality

  • Stored Value Cards (Plastic & Virtual)
  • Promotions & Events (B2B & B2C Support)
  • Customer Satisfaction w/ Merchandise Credits
  • Unlimited Future Applications and Capabilities
  • Increased Security and Flexibility
  • Extensive Reporting and Queries
  • Optional 3rd-Party Physical Card SxDistribution Module

Significant Cost Savings

Savings, security, flexibility, streamlined processes and operations, data mining, and future capabilities are just a few reasons why many of the world’s largest retailers have selected the SmartClixx® Stored Value Card solution.

  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Fees to Generate New Promotions
  • No Fees to Create New Cards
  • No Fees to Create Custom Reports

Ease of Implementations

Because SmartClixx® does not depend on any specific platform, the application can interface to virtually any front-end POS or web interface. It was designed to run over almost every existing communication infrastructure. This “seamless” approach allows the SmartClixx® solution to be installed quickly and easily.

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