Gift Card Platform

The SmartClixx® Stored Value Card (SVC) application seamlessly integrates to your existing centralized payment authorization and communication infrastructure.

Platform Overview

SmartClixx® provides a powerful platform for clients wanting to lower their costs and improve internal operational efficiencies, while providing for unlimited future growth.

SmartClixx® SVC 5.0 Software Application

Core Functionality

Microsoft .Net V4.8 Framework
Microsoft Windows Server 2022
Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Smart Transaction Processing

Core Functionality

Significant Cost Savings

Savings, security, flexibility, streamlined processes and operations, data mining, and future capabilities are just a few reasons why many of the world’s largest retailers have selected the SmartClixx® Stored Value Card solution.

Ease of Implementations

Because SmartClixx® does not depend on any specific platform, the application can interface to virtually any front-end POS or web interface. It was designed to run over almost every existing communication infrastructure. This “seamless” approach allows the SmartClixx® solution to be installed quickly and easily.

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