Stored-Value Card Software Platform for Large Chain Retailers

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Transaction volume processed with SmartClixx®

Two Unique Payment Solutions

SmartClixx® provides alternative Stored-Value Card Solutions to large retailers looking for their own in-house, ‘closed-loop’ payment environment with no transaction fees.

Set budgets, define purchasing requirements and ensure dollars are spent as intended with automated tracking for every transaction through a Budget Expense Management dashboard.

Maintain tight spending controls and accurate, up-to-date records with cards that only work where and when you choose. Ensure dollars are spent as intended as you define the purchasing requirements.

Core Functionality

Manage Your Own Gift Cards

SmartClixx® provides a powerful platform for clients wanting to lower their costs and improve internal operational efficiencies, while providing for unlimited future growth.

SmartClixx® is the leading in-house stored-value card software solution for large chains. Our clients maintain total control of their data and eliminate dependency on outsourcing to third party processors.

Benefits of SmartClixx®

No Transaction Fees

Unlimited Number of Connections and Users

Transactions Never Leave the Client’s Network

Greater Customer Service Control

Data is not Compromised or Subject to Network Outages

Allows Creation of New Promotions in Minutes (Not Days)

100% Client-Owned Data

Allows Custom Reports for Better Business Intelligence

Fast Implementation Time

Allows High Volume Processing (Holiday Burst Traffic)

Unlimited Future Applications & Capabilities

24/7 Interleaved Batch Processing

SmartClixx® Clients

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